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Patient Safety Information Update


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Patient Safety Information Update

1 October 2014

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As you may be aware there is an increasing use of electronic cigarettes and how they are being marketed as products that can be used where cigarettes are banned. We wish to advise you that electronic cigarettes should be treated the same way as tobacco cigarettes and as such should not be used in the vicinity of oxygen, due to the increased risk of fire. There has already been a fatality in another region of the UK, due to a patient using an E-cigarette whilst on oxygen.


As an oxygen supplier, we follow the guidance of The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA). EIGA’s stance is that “electronic cigarettes should not be used whilst a patient is undergoing oxygen therapy. Additionally, batteries of electronic cigarettes should not be charged in the vicinity of a patient undergoing oxygen therapy or the oxygen source itself.”


We would ask that you, your family members, carers and visitors are aware of this guidance and adhere to it to ensure the safe use of your oxygen at home.


Please do not alter your equipment or your flow rate unless instructed to do so by a medical professional, or it has been changed at the request of your clinician by a Dolby Vivisol technician.


If you have been unwell and have had medical intervention at home and your oxygen supply was changed in anyway, for example a different flow rate or mask/ cannula were supplied by the doctor/ nurse/ paramedic, please ensure you let your respiratory team know as you may need a you may need a review or a discussion as to whether your needs have changed, to ensure the correct equipment is available for you to re-order.


If you are unsure regarding safety advice, please do not hesitate to ask your technician, or phone the Customer Contact Centre.


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Vivitravel at Gatwick Airport



Exclusively at Gatwick Airport - Your solution for travelling abroad whilst receiving oxygen therapy


We believe that oxygen therapy should not restrict where patients can travel to. So we have developed a support network across Europe that can provide patients with the equipment needed to continue their therapy, whilst maintaining the level of support that you receive at home.


Dolby Vivisol offers a private travel/ holiday oxygen service to make travel for our patients possible through offering the following:


• Dedicated co-ordinator

• Oxygen equipment for the journey (flights, cruises, train and car)

• Installation of equipment at destination address

• Local support service

• Latest home oxygen technology

• Advice on managing your oxygen whilst travelling abroad


London Gatwick Airport:

Special Assistance areas within the North and South terminal are now a pickup/drop off point for Vivitravel patients to collect their portable oxygen concentrators to use in flight.

A Dolby Vivisol technician will be there to greet you at a pre-arranged designated terminal with the device, to talk through the functionalities and travel safety information.


Get in contact with our team today who will arrange for you. (Please contact us at least 3 weeks prior to your travels)


Tel: 0330 123 0305

Email: vivitravel@dolbyvivisol.com

Available 9am-5pm, Mon – Fri


Also, visit www.gatwickairport.com and click the 'Passenger Services' tab






Ordering over the Christmas Period 2018 - England

Please see below the delivery dates over the Christmas Period for England:




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