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Home Ventilation Therapy


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Home Ventilation Therapy


Dolby Vivisol is one of the European leaders in providing Home NIV services. We always combine the best technology and a quality service with the competence of our highly specialised Healthcare Professionals.


In several disorders of the respiratory, nervous and musculoskeletal systems and also after serious trauma, it is possible that a patient’s respiratory effort is insufficient to support the respiratory system. Patients with these disorders need external ventilation support that makes up for the deficiency of the respiratory muscles. Through the years, methods and techniques of artificial mechanical ventilation have been developed, ranging from iron lungs to the more modern mechanical positive pressure ventilators.


For years, Dolby Vivisol has been committed to managing the home care of patients receiving Home Ventilation Therapy. For Dolby Vivisol, managing the patient’s symptoms does not only mean providing mechanical ventilation equipment suitable for the patient’s needs, it also means taking on the entirety of the patient’s care.


Over the years, Dolby Vivisol has used the best technologies for invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation, for the management and removal of secretions, for respiratory rehabilitation and for monitoring of vital parameters. Dolby Vivisol has always combined technology and competence with the warmth of highly specialised Healthcare Professionals. These professionals have accompanied and trained patients or carers in the task of managing complex conditions at home – conditions that up until just a few years ago could not have been managed outside of suitable hospitals. 


If you are interested in any of our Home Ventilation products or services, then please contact us on the address below.




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